IndyCar. What does it take to be a photo over champion?

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This weekend will be full of emotions and controversy of the championship IndyCar 2021 At Long Beach in Mexico Patricio Overd He has plenty of chances to become the first Mexican to win that title, but it all depends on doing things better and a little luck on the slopes.

Pato has five stages and two wins, and the Montreal native will try to set the record for the crown this Sunday. IndyCar 2021 For that, you have to wait to beat everything, but if you do not, up to four different formulas can give you the title on the wheel McLaren, The one who fights it with the Spaniards Alex Palo Although things did not go as they had hoped Joseph Newgarden This can be a big surprise.

What does it take for Poto Overd to be a champion?

It should be noted that this is the last date Alex Palo comes in with 517 points, When O’Wort Con 482 And Joseph Newgarden with 469 points.

  • Beat and add four extra points (polar position and more flaps are guided) and if you add extra points or worse view, finish the ball at 13 without extra points. (536 vs 534 points)
  • If you win, add three extra points (leading to more laps) and finish the ball at 13 without extra points, adding two points or worse at 15 (535 vs 534 points).
  • Beat and add 2 extra points (polar position and one lap) and finish the ball at 14 without extra points, adding two extra points at 17 or worse (534 vs 533pts).
  • Win and add 1 extra point (lead in last round
  • End in 2nd place with 4 extra points
  • Finish 2nd with 3 extra points (leading to more laps) and Palo finished 23rd without extra points, regardless of the extra points he added 25 or worse (525 vs 524 pst)
  • Finish 2nd with 2 extra points (polar position and front lap) and complete the ball without adding 1 extra point at 24, 25, 26, 27 or 28 without extra points (524 vs 523 points)
  • 2nd place with an extra point (in the front lap) and completing the palo at 25, 26, 27 or 28 without adding extra points (523 vs 522 points) Newgarden cannot achieve victory with maximum points.
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Where to watch the race?

This Sunday, September 26, on Channel 6 of Multimedio.

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