President Abinader: “Urgent need to attend Haiti for human and security reasons”

The president of the Republic, Louis Abinader, said this Friday morning that the Haitian issue already exists This is not just from the Dominican RepublicInstead, “all nations must go together to attend Haiti.”

How old is the international community? Doing workshops, doing seminars? What about Haiti Security firstWe wanted to bring help by land, we had to do it by sea because there is no security by land, ”he said at a charity party in Santo Cerro, Las Vegas. Mercedes.

The head of state said the neighboring country should intervene, “we must go to appease it.” However, he pointed out that the Dominican government could not provide more than support, time and space because, for historical, diplomatic and sensible reasons, it was not necessary to participate in the pacification of the region.

Since the conflict in Haiti will directly and indirectly affect the Dominican people, the President continues to urge regional countries to engage in the task of rescuing Haiti. Human and security reasons.

He added that when “controlled” by armed groups, much cannot be done in a community that has no authority or control over what is happening in the area. A section of the political leadership is also included, which raises the suspicion that the country will achieve peace freely.

Abinader said next Tuesday as well Council may The National Migration Agency should establish special operations.

Although not affiliated with the Haitian government, the Dominican Republic has the support of countries such as Panama, where there are about 19,000 illegal Haitians and Costa Rica.

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Last Thursday, after arriving in the country and attending the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations, President Louis Abinader told the remaining delegates that he was already there. This is no time to wait, To carry out analysis or workshops, but to act.

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