Incredible picture shows how fast ISS moves (PHOTO)


16 June 2021 01:26 GMT

As astronaut Thomas Pesket explains, it is difficult to get used to the idea that the International Space Station is moving at 28,000 kilometers per hour, and to reflect such speed in one snapshot.

European Space Agency (ESA) French astronaut Thomas Baskett shared a photo on Twitter with which he set out to show how fast the International Space Station (ISS) is moving as it orbits the Earth.

Baskett, a great photographer, kept his camera shutter open 30 seconds. This exposure resulted in a night image of the Earth, which shows the rapid speed of motion, and the glowing lines indicate the path of a city’s lights. During that capture, I.S. 235 km journey, details.

According to the astronaut, it is difficult to deal with the idea that the ISS is moving At 28,000 kilometers (About 7.6 kilometers per second), and reflects such an image in a snapshot. “We’re so tall, we don’t seem to be moving that fast,” he wrote.

ISS is located 400 km from the Earth’s surface and completes one orbit every 90 minutes. I.e. circling it 16 times in 24 hours. However, despite the astonishing speed, the astronauts who lived in it did not feel anything unusual or extraordinary in this matter while living and working there.

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