Increasing the number of flights at Los America Airport

Arrivals of flights and passengers to different destinations via Los Americas International Airport (AILA) increased this Monday, with programming of 92 round-trip trips, including ten cargo operations.

The flight, which includes 82 commercial passenger aircraft and 10 cargo operations, was planned by the aviation operations department of the subsidiary Aeroportos Dominicanos XXI (Aerodom).

According to the details, the operations are divided between 44 flights from abroad, 38 departure flights and 10 cargo loads.

Similarly, a higher percentage of operations are planned with flights to the United States, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Panama, Curaக்கோao, Aruba and other Caribbean destinations.

Despite health restrictions being established at AILA and other airport terminals in the country, people continue to travel abroad.

On this day the movement and increase of people lined up in front of the airport counters, checking their documents and others regularizing their travel status.

Before checking their travel documents, they first had to stand in a long queue at the third level, where the staff of a private laboratory perform the COVID-19 detection antigen test.

Passengers boarding flights to the United States, South America and Spain and other countries must provide physical documentation or test results by cell phone.

In addition, the executive of one of the airlines that operate regular flights to the United States pointed out that 80 to 90 percent of their flights currently depart with professional factors.

Officials from the Ministry of Public Health and AILA continue to use health protocol against COVID inside and outside the airport terminal facilities.

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These measures to prevent the spread of the virus include social isolation, the use of masks, temperature measurement and the use of hand wash gel.

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