Income to the country is rising from Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil; Mexico imposes visas

The increase is given Income Of citizens Ecuador, Brazil Y Venezuela A Mexico, After discovering that people were entering the Mexican border, the federal government decided to re-issue visas to those countries, but they warn not to leave anymore. Immigration officials.

According to the statistics of the Migration Policy Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs (செகோப்), Found an increase in the entries of South American citizens from 2018 to 2021, and did not require a visa to enter Mexico until last September.

In 2018 there were 370 thousand 495 combinations Citizens With the Brazilian aircraft, the flow increased to 377 thousand 353 in 2019; In 2020 it was down to 126,593 in the first year of the epidemic, and from January to November 2021 it was 273,763.

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As for the citizens of Ecuador, the number increased from 87,374 in 2018 to 169,382 in 2019; In 2020 it will be reduced to 58 thousand 157; But in 2021 121 thousand 649 were registered.

Meanwhile, in 2018, 75,242 citizens entered Mexico Venezuelan people; In 2019 it grew to 81 thousand 812, and next year to 31 thousand 757; But in 2021 this number increased to 145 thousand 621.

The Mexican government has decided that the visa ban is temporary. As for Ecuador, it came into force on September 4 and will end on March 4, but will be reviewed to determine if it will actually end or last longer.

In the case of Brazil, it is a Temporary action, Is similar to Venezuela, but does not have a completion date. “The visa ban has not stopped Migration flows, Especially if they want to move to another country or leave to improve their economic situation InsecuritySaid Tomás Milton Muñoz, an internationalist and academic of UNAM’s Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.

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About the visa imposed on Venezuela, International apology This was considered a difficult blow to the citizens of that country, because most Venezuelans are trying to leave their country due to the current political situation, which is why it is a human rights issue.

Mexican authority has documented that the largest immigrants the country receives are not from Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela.

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According to the unit Immigration policyFor example, between January and November 2021, a large number of foreigners returned to their home countries from Guatemala (41,208), Honduras (50,247) and El Salvador (4,750).

Haitians are being added to these nations as they become one of the largest groups coming to Mexico in search of a better life, trying to come to the United States. Between January and November 2021 alone, Mexico issued 11,000 visitor cards to people from Haiti for humanitarian reasons.

“Despite the pro-Latin American political rhetoric referred to by this government, in practice it continues to conform to the designs of the United States. Brazil, Venezuela, the truth is, it is not now, eight years ago, the number of tourist arrivals from these countries increased, and some decided to go down the route to the United States. The problem is, especially in the case of Venezuela, we know the situation in which they live, and it creates a huge problem for those who seek to leave the country, even if they are politically persecuted, ”said Milton Munoz.

The Mexican government, in addition, puts stones in the way Perception That the United States continues to impose immigration policy on our country. UNAM analyst noted that the Mexican government should implement its own immigration policy, which was recently changed.

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Diplomatic sources say that consultation was carried out by UniversalIn addition, a significant increase has been found in travelers from Colombia and Peru, who come to Mexico under regular status but do not leave the country. However, in the case of these two countries, the cancellation of visas is part of the agreement between the members. Pacific Alliance.

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