Rhinoceros Macvilladorus adjusts the schedule due to the shooting

Faced with the weather Insecurity prevailing in rhinos And creates fear and uncertainty for its people, The Macedora companies agreed to the closure and schedule changes Avoid overnight displacement, thus protecting your staff.

CSequent Electrical Products has extended the second shift so that workers can leave at 6:45 am and receive overtime pay., “With the intention of keeping them in a safe place”, anyone who has previously wanted to retire can do so, but there will be no transportation of employees in the company.

The Autonomous Industrial Union of Macedoras, Entered into agreements with three companies Close or suppress night shift, Without causing economic damage to employees, reported Alberto Laura Pasaldia, chair of the group.

“Many colleagues were absent and no executive action or anything was drawn up, but we saw how to achieve contracts to protect workers without affecting the company’s gross product; one was going to rest until Monday, the other did until yesterday Wednesday.”

He noted maquiladora Nibco ceased operations on June 28 in three shifts to resume, Includes full pay for employees CW and Cequent maintain table changes.

He explained that there is a section in the employment contract that talks about uncontrollable circumstances and should stop the process; Some people get the opportunity to take vacations.

He ruled that having 240 plants operating in the city would have a significant impact on productivity.

Women, too, have suffered the most

On the other hand, he said he wasHe suffers greatly from the fear of going to workThey represent 70 percent of the workers in that border town, and fear that they will leave their children alone and meet criminals on the road.

“They are scared, they don’t need to come because they are in a state of shock,” he stressed.

Another group that suffered the most Workers from Rio Bravo, Whose buses were Blocked by armed men When they went to their work source last Monday.

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Workers in MacVillas

He noted that there are about 158 ​​thousand workers in 19 industrial parks in Rhinosa.

“Three of these are bordering the United States, one of which is very complex, the Rhinoceros Industrial Park, which just came from Rio Bravo and is in conflict, with about 30,000 people working there.”

Most of its employees are from Rio de Janeiro and have to move around their neighborhoods where about 8,000 workers have been massacred. The rest of the plant is diluted with workers from Rhinosa, Madamoros, San Fernando and Vale Hermos.


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