In the case of a young man who died of demonic acid, the authorities condemned “they are in complete silence.”

Linabel Gonzalez, executive director of the Women’s Development Office in the Mirabal Sisters province, condemned the fact that relatives of Yanalis Arias, who died last Friday after being attacked by the devil, have not yet received any information. Officers.

“The family and the community have a lack of information from competent authorities. They are completely silent. They say some steps have been taken, but the family has no information about it. As they told me last night, they have nothing new,” he said in an interview with Hansie Lora’s on the Lia TV show. Edith Fables.

The official stressed that although they understand that not all information can be shared by the public ministry, there are basic things that families need to know through fundamental rights.

During the interview, Gonzalez revealed that while Yanlis was alive, she “knew what was going on” and that she had not been interviewed by the Ministry of Public Administration.

“At one point she went to the public ministry (medical center) and she was heavily restrained because she had surgery, however, they planned for a trial on Wednesday,” he said.

He warned that there was evidence that officials could be “lost along the way” without knowing about the actions taken or the information to be shared.

No one was detained

Gonzalez stressed that authorities have not yet arrested anyone, despite speculation about the person who may have been the intellectual mastermind of the crime.

“Suspicions about someone giving money to someone …

The officer called on the Attorney General’s Office and the National Police to conduct an investigation with technical staff “who have no local affiliation.”

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“Everything is possible in this situation. We must reject any situation of local relations (…) The issue of transparency in handling this case is essential,” he said.

“Finding the culprit will not resurrect Yanelis, but it is a response to the community, a response that the community needs,” he concluded.

They tricked her with flowers

Yanalis Arias was deceived by someone who posed as an ambassador from a flower shop, who said that “they had sent flowers and she should come and look for them”.

The man threw demonic acid at him and immediately fled the scene.

The assaulted young woman was transferred to the burn unit of the Nei Arias Lora Hospital in Santo Domingo, but died two weeks later due to the severity of the injuries to her face and part of her body.

Last Sunday, attorney Felix Bordes announced a $ 261,000 reward for the person who threw acid at Yanelis and helped arrest the intellectual teacher.

“We are offering a reward of RD $ 100,000.00 for information leading to the arrest of the subject and intellectual author of the heinous crime against Anelis Arias in Denares who suffered from Acid del Diablo and left 2 children orphaned! Help RT,” said Felix Portes.

In the release, many announced that they would pay, so the prosecutor said that so far there are 261 thousand pesos per person reporting the culprit or persons responsible for the crime.

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