In science, 10,000 projects have been dumped after the disappearance of trusts: Álvarez Buella

Chairman of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONASET), After returning resources to the Federation Treasury (Tesofe), 10,000 projects were “dispossessed” because they “did not have enough follow-up”, Maria Elena Alvarez-Boella said, but that she would inherit a library from the neoliberal phase of that institution.

While attending President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s press conference, Álvarez-Buela explained some aspects he presented last week to deputies, particularly regarding the resources he found and those funds that disappeared in 2020.

During her presentation, the official stated that when she became director of Conacyt, they found “more than 14 billion pesos stored in these funds as resource deductions from the union’s expenditure budget from 2013 to 2018”. For this reason, they returned these resources to Tesofe for savings.

He also stated that they found “resource allocation agreements technically or administratively insolvent”, but were able to “return them” and recover 7.6 billion pesos. from that way, Treasury revenue was about 22 billion pesos.

Then Alvarez Boella said that with these savings and increased efficiency, innovation increased thanks to the “strategic agenda of the state” referred to by the “President”.

Alvarez Boella (who in 2018 received the National Science Award from then-President Enrique Peña Nieto), while showing a picture on the screen, revealed how many projects were abandoned due to the disappearance of funds in this matter: “As you can see there, they are the funds we received of documents from the 91 administrative secretariats of trusts; good, From 35 Fomix Trusts (Hybrid Fund) and 15 Trust Sectors, with more than 10,000 projects phased out, literally, where they did not have enough follow-up.

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Likewise, he noted that the challenge for the current management of Conacyt is to put the above in order in both digital and physical form, and “Library and much to analyze there from the neoliberal history of what was happening in Kunasset.”

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