“El Paso de Cazzu”: Argentine trapper hip movement already popular in networks | Video

Thanks to social networks, people can feel what the artists, influencers, actors and singers of the moment they admire the most are experiencing, which creates trends in movements, even dances. Challenges and clothing styles.

As happened recently with the famous “Gazu Step”, the famous Argentine singer, linked on several occasions with the Mexican regional artist Cristian Nodal, decided to dance during a presentation at the Primavera Sound Festival in its second week. Captured by various participants and users on TikTok; In the video, she is shown dancing in a very specific way while wearing a short dress during a concert, causing a stir among thousands of fans around the world.

“The step of Cazzu” is already a trend

The video has already received thousands of views and various users on digital platforms such as TikTok are trying to follow this new step, as happened with Anita, which was copied by other celebrities such as Edwin Goss of Grupo Firmi during their concerts.

Giulietta Emilia Cazzucelli, better known as Cazzu in the music scene, is a rap and trap singer who was born on December 16, 1993 in Ledezma, Jujuy, Argentina, corresponding to the Sagittarius zodiac sign with bold qualities. He is ruled by the element of fire, with intensity, strength in his actions and visions of the future, with touches of speed.

Who is Kasu?

From an early age he knew that he wanted to devote himself to music, so he decided to start singing with his father, who was an amateur musician; At the age of 14, he published his first work and paid for his first studio recordings and a few clips.

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In 2018, popular Participated in the song Gia and Tuki’s “Loca” became one of the most important female figures of the genre in the south of the continent; Also in 2019 he presented his second album “Error 93” which contains the song “Visto a las 00:00” which was shot by Balve, the leading visual artist of this genre.

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