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She is one of the internationally recognized Colombian actresses who played the role of “Seagull”. , The soap opera he worked with William Levy. Although the translators show that there was good chemistry on the screen, the truth is, there are rumors. He had a difficult relationship with Cuba during the recording of this production.

It has also become one of the most watched soap operas on Netflix internationally, which is why the media around the world is focusing on the statistics of the actors, especially Levi and Londono, and there have been many disagreements during the time they worked together.

To resolve all questions and doubts about these rumors, He spoke to People magazine about his illicit relationship with William Levy. The Antiochian actress explained her differences with the Cuban artist, as they both have different work styles. What else did he say? Here are all the details.

Laura Landono and William Levy played ‘La Caviota’ and Sebastian, respectively, in “Cafe con Aroma de Mujer” (Photo: Telemundo)

Will Laura Lando work with William Levy again?

In an interview with People magazine, Laura Landono confirmed that she will work with William Levy again without any problems as she has overcome past conflicts.

The Antiochian actress also pointed out that she had learned a lot on a professional level from her Cuban artist who was her co-star in “Cafe con Aroma de Mujer” in Telenovola.

“I really appreciate working with him because I have learned millions of things. You do not have to be a close friend of all the people you work with, that does not mean you hate them, we do not go to extremes. Everything was fine,” Londono said.

Why did problems arise between Laura Landono and William Levy?

Laura Landono had differences with William Levy because they both have different work methods and they collided while creating a scene.

“William told me: ‘I’m looking for him outside the scene. If the scene is uncomfortable I try to create this discomfort from the outside because it happened to us. There were moments I said, but why is this man with me like this? What happens? It’s weird’ (… ) ”, He explained.

“Then we’re doing the scene and I’m going to say to him: ‘What’s going on?’ He says to me: ‘You see the scene is uncomfortable, I created it before, so it came on the scene.’ All those kinds of things are different ways of doing it. Don’t keep it, I feel embarrassed. ‘ He told me: ‘Exactly, if I tell you, I can not achieve the result I am looking for, so I can not say,’ ‘the 34-year-old actress added.

Laura Landono says of her experience with the Cuban actor, “It’s interesting and different, but it’s like getting to know each other, connecting, understanding the forms.” , Let’s play this, ” he concluded.


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