In a purple mini dress, Penélope Menchaca is confirmed as the most beautiful host

Penelope Mensaka In the last hours she attracted attention on social networks because she created a publication in which she proved why she is considered one of the most beautiful and stylish women in all show business. The beloved host of “Today” received dozens of compliments after wearing an eye-catching mini dress that will remain a trend for spring.

This release Penelope Mensaka It created a sensation among thousands of her fans through her official Instagram profile His post has no purpose other than to entertain his fans students To whom he wished a great weekend.

For this postcard, Penelope Mensaka poses on a chair For years he has been living in a corner of his lavish mansion in Miami, Florida for work. In the photo, the former collaborator of “Venga La Alegría” is seen with crossed legs and an exaggerated expression. smile

As for the spectacular decor Penelope Mensaka She slayed the style, the crux of her look was all about the outfit Tight purple mini dress embellished with different floral elementsIt is characterized by a pronounced Sweetheart necklineHowever, the host decided to give her image extra sensuality and slightly lowered one arm of the dress so that the strap of her bra was visible, it was black, which was more than a sigh with this detail.

Due to the angle of the photo, it was not possible to see what kind of shoes the former leader of “12 Hearts” was wearing, however, it was possible to see. She wore a ring and a key pendant that, while understated, really stood out and set her apart.

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As expected, Penelope Mensaka’s release caused a stir With more than 1.5 million followers on that platform, this is the proofAnd within a couple of hours his photo crossed 30 thousand likesBesides, It didn’t take long for the compliments to appear And within minutes the comment box was flooded with compliments from her fans and other show business celebrities who recognized the host’s immense beauty and highlighted her extraordinary fashion sense.

“You are beautiful”, “Every day looks so beautiful”, “You look divine in that dress”, “Waste style as always”, “Most beautiful of all”, “You are a bombshell”, “A true queen”, “Goddess” and “Like fine wines” are some of the accolades for Penelope Mensaka who is just months away from celebrating her 55th birthday.

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