A lottery player wins $5 million with a scratch card and reveals the strange strategy he used to pick the ticket

Alec Bucur used a very unique strategy when he walked into a Chevron gas station to buy a $20 million Millionaire Bucks Scratchers ticket.. The man asked the store manager to sell him the fifth ticket in the strip.

With this simple trick, the guy was able to hit the jackpot and win a $5 million prize.

“He wanted to know how much the last winning ticket sold was worth and what the number was on the Scratchers bar. I found out someone won five hundred dollars on the stack, and it was ticket number five,” Bokor told lottery officials, according to MSN.

Since the last winning ticket was number five on the bar, Alec thought the next fifth ticket would also get a prize.

It was number five in the series, worth $5 million. I was just looking for it, and now I’m a billionaire.”

According to Bokor, his life will not change drastically now that he is a billionaire. And it is that the lucky player says that he really does not like to incur huge expenses.

You don’t need a Ferrari. I don’t need a palace. I’m not a spender. I’m going to travel a bit and let that money grow“, He said.

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