‘I’m so scared’; Ines Gomez Mont says there are more arrest warrants against him

“I’m so scared”; Ines Gomez Mont says there are more arrest warrants against him

Actress and TV presenter, Ines Gomez MontNow, he has announced that authorities are looking for more arrest warrants against him Alleged tax offenses; He said he was very afraid that the abuses would continue.

He assured that he already has firm agreements with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) and the Taxpayer Protection Attorney (Prodecon) for these tax matters.

In a post on her Instagram account, she also pointed out that a judge had ordered her and her husband jailed. Victor Manuel Alvarez Buca, Maximum security prison.

“Although I am very afraid that these abuses will continue, I hope the truth will come to light and our innocence will be proven,” he said.

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In recent days, FGR has reportedly obtained an arrest warrant against Inus Gomez Mont and her husband, lawyer and businessman Vector Manuel Alvarez Buca, on charges of aggravated assault, organized crime and aggravated assault.

There is a persecution in false beliefs, says Gomez Mont

The driver promised that there would be “bad faith harassment” against her and her husband; He said there were a series of abuses behind the arrest warrants “reported in the newspapers yesterday and today Wednesday morning”.

In the release, he highlighted three points announced by the press.

Mr. Attorney General. Carlos Romero Aranda was the first to say that he had initiated criminal proceedings against him, although he had no legal authority.

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“It’s not legally recognized. That’s their thirst for persecution against us,” he said.

Second, Gomez-Mont detailed, on September 10, 2021, that the authorities lied to the press and the public that there was an arrest warrant against him. “There was no such order on that day. But apparently it was very important for those officers to interrogate and punish me in the public forum.”

Third, he pointed out, Judge Jeffrey Hernandez, several days later, became an accomplice and issued an arrest warrant.

“This is unfortunate because it may have given us the opportunity to freely deny any charges. That opportunity no longer exists: the judge ordered us to be imprisoned under maximum security,” he explained.

Ines Gomez-Mont reiterated that he was innocent and that this was an injustice.

“They want to shut me up, but I’m going to raise my voice with all my might.”

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In the video: An arrest warrant is issued against Ines Gomez Mont and her husband.

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