“I’m not with anyone”

LDisclosure Lisbeth RodriguezA former host of the show Patapan, about a formal love affair Celia Lora It caused a stir on social networks, with an unexpected twist with a surprise episode after the Playboy model denied the information.

According to the YouTuber, after creating content together Fans onlyThey “started to feel great,” but the rocker’s daughter Alex Lora He accepted that he had a close friendship with him Lisbeth And he loves her so much, but decided to make a video TikTok Because he thought it was overkill and described the situation as an early ‘April Fools’ Day’ joke.

“It seems like April Fools’ Day has come early and I find it unbelievable that everyone automatically believes whatever they say about me. I don’t get along with anyone, absolutely anyone,” she said. Celia LoraCalm in front of the camera, but can’t believe that she has to record a video on the subject.

Celia Lora maintained that Lisbeth Since he’s been taking pictures for so long and has never been told he’s with someone, he took his “little joke” too far.

‚ÄúThere is no need to publish my life, I think this little joke has already gone too far, I have seen it everywhere, even if not in the country where I see it, I had to say no. true I said to her, “I have photographed her for almost four years, she is my friend, I love her very much. We have taken photos and videos with her a thousand times, as with other women. Apollonia, with Kareli, with Maria Franco, with Vero Flores, with Ignacia.” , he said. Celia In the video.

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Celia Lora: “My plan is to die alone”

Celia Lora He continued his speech and assured her that he respects her independence, stays quiet and alone for her peace of mind and therefore has no plans to start a relationship.

“I don’t date anyone, I’m a very happy single person, my plan is to die alone. Peace of mind fascinates me, I love being alone, traveling alone, being alone. I don’t have siblings, that’s how I grew up, that’s how I want to be at peace,” he said. He said LoraHe reiterated that he does not like to engage in gossip or draw too much attention.

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