Are Hamilton and Shakira no longer in love? This is what they say in Spain

After Gerard Pique broke up, Shakira Moved to America and with whom the first couple She is related to Lewis HamiltonHowever, the A Formula 1 driver would be very upset With the singer for this reason.

Hamilton was furious with Shakira

It all started Miami Grand PrixSome media captured Shakira and Hamilton together, so the Colombian decided to support her in her next matches in Spain and Great Britain, where she was lucky enough to get on the podium.

According to the podcastMamarasis‘, Shakira wants to make the media believe that she has a relationship with Hamilton, when in fact she does not think to open her heart.

He gets upset because she wants to believe they have a relationship. There is no emotional connection between them.”, confirmed Fa and Vasquez.

However, it was inside Silverstone Shakira was no longer seen in Mercedes’ VIP area at the request of the Formula 1 champion, who wanted to focus one hundred percent on her career: “They explain to us from a good source that she (Shakira) is interested in going again,” they added.

As a result, Hamilton was spotted on a boat next to the model Mexican Eiza Gonzalez and tennis player Jenny Stray; When Shakira was spotted with the star Miami Heat Jimmy Butler.

What’s next for Shakira and Hamilton?

As for the South American, he is in legal trouble again Accused of Tax Fraud in Spain, a situation that should be resolved on appeal in the next few weeks; While Hamilton is already inside Hungary for the Grand PrixIts main race will be held next Sunday, July 23, 2023.

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