Illegal tax avoidance domain destruction

After more than four hours of debate, the legislators finally passed the bill Field destruction Opted out of the program Tax avoidance.

Chairman of Bicameral CommissionSenator Pedro Catrain said the report will be issued once the technical experts have completed the writing of the plan.

Regarding the debate whether it is an ordinary law or an organic law, Katrine said they have not decided that but it is the power of the legislative chambers.

We conclude that the “Bicameral Commission, Field Extinction Act has been approved by a majority of the members of that Bicameral Commission.” Catherine said as she left the Senate.

“In no way do we add retroactivity, the only thing we add is hindsight and we put the previous period back 20 years, so it’s a benchmark of laws. Field destruction In most of the countries where it is recognized”, the legislator explained.

In exclusion Tax avoidance He said he had established in the Commission that any tax offense is covered by this Act, “so there is no need to establish it. Tax avoidance It is not classified under any criminal or tax law in the Dominican Republic.

PLD withdrew from the meeting

Precisely because of exclusion Tax avoidanceMembers of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), already recognized in the commission Bicameral Commission They withdrew

Aris Yván Lorenzo, spokesperson Senators PLD’s said it was a matter of disrespect as the point had already been agreed and approved by the commission.

PRSC proposal

The Bicameral Commission He welcomed the proposal put forward by the Senator of the Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC), Ramón Rogelio Genao, through a document addressed to the President of the Commission, suggesting its removal. Tax avoidance and regressiveness.

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Genao brought a document to Catrain where he proposed that the law was organic, not an ordinary law, along with retrogression, understanding that it could be constitutionally attacked if recognized as an ordinary law.

“Regressiveness and regressiveness that may be included in the law cannot successfully pass a constitutional test before the Constitutional Court”, The document says.

“We caution that tax evasion is not a precedent or precedent offense in Act 155-17,” Genao said.

Request minutes and audios of the commission

Lorenzo, along with other legislators, reiterated that the President of the Senate seized the audios and minutes of the commission’s meetings. Asking representatives of the media to accompany him to the committee room, Lorenzo said they did not provide him with the minutes at the behest of Senate President Eduardo Estrella and said “they want to change everything. The committee is passed”.

According to Lorenzo, the PRM wants to ignore the legislators’ week’s work removing matters already agreed and approved in the commission. He recalled that for weeks they had been requesting the minutes and records and they were not provided on the orders of the Senate President.

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