Illegal intersections on the Duarte Highway have been closed

The Ministry of Public Works said yesterday that as part of the restoration, redesign and widening of the critical road, 53 crossings on the Dwarte Highway and illegal entrances have been firmly closed.

Rafael Vasquez Espenola, director general of the Army and Police Commission of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (Camipol), oversaw work involving 300 closures on the 137-kilometer highway from Santiago to Santo Domingo.

He explained that closing illegal crossings on the Duarte Highway has been a claim of nearby communities for years.

Closed crossings include illegal crossings in La Ortega, Burnde and Guaco, which, according to the director of Campbell, allow traffic accidents in those places to be part of history.

Camipol is responsible for providing security to the contractor responsible for the reconstruction, beautification and maintenance of the Dwight Highway.

“Camipol, which provides security for closures in La Ortega, has had a number of traffic accidents, according to statistics from previous years,” Vasquez Espenola said.


Director Camipol, who oversaw the works on the Duare Highway, assured that the necessary coordination has been made to make the revenue safer and that they will not affect the free movement of everyone who travels through the area daily.

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