“If you pay in dollars or euros, you will find everything”

Amidst Cuba’s severe economic crisis, many people think twice before visiting. However, it is a good time for a Spanish journalist to visit the Caribbean country.

A Article In the Spanish newspaper El País, Paco Nadal assures that many people have asked him about the situation in Cuba. Because when going to book, some agencies recommend not to travel there.

After a recent trip to the island, Nadal talks about the effects of the epidemic and the scarcity of everything, be it pork, eggs, fuel or sugar. And at the center of it all, hyperinflation.

“The prices of all basic goods are rising, sometimes by a factor of 10. If we add to this, the dual currency system has already disappeared, now there is only the Cuban peso, and if you need 24 pesos before buying one. Dollar now you need 120, it’s really a bad economy. results in the situation,” he says.

However, in his opinion, none of this affects tourists who can find everything in euros or dollars. During his stay in Cuba he visited various hotels, private paladars and government restaurants.

Yes, it recognizes “a sharp contrast with the reality of Cuba.”

Reasons to Travel to Cuba

Spanish journalist Paco Nadal points out that tourism is the second largest source of foreign currency in Cuba, after remittances.

“Tourism is a strategic sector of the country. That is why the efforts of the authorities to make everything seem normal is worth noting,” he assures.

According to him, tourism in a country with many handicaps in its population can represent an ethical conflict. However, “if the tourists don’t come, the population will have an even worse time”, which is the case in many parts of the planet.

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And he asserted, “Without tourism, there would be more hunger in the world.”

“Cuba is a complex island, with a political and economic system open to criticism. True. But it’s a fascinating island, full of friendly people, life and incredible places. And they need tourism. For this reason, if you’re thinking of visiting Cuba, don’t stop doing it.” Advice”, concludes the article in El Paz.

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