If you go to Cuba, the foods you can take with you are: Processing, milk powder …

National Center for Animal Health (CENASA). Ministry of Agriculture (Minogue) Updated List Food Animal origin for human consumption, imported or not imported into Cuba By travelers and natural persons.

If you go Travel to Cuba, Is a series of Food With Absolute ban Import, Of them Any product or by-product of animal origin with bones And this Liquid milk and dairy products are generally unpasteurized, Step Minogue page.

To Cuba You can not take “Meats Fresh, frozen, dried or salted, with or without bones; Edible organ meats; Semi-finished meat products and semi-cooked products “.

That list detail Not allowed to enter Burger Island; Hash; Meatballs; In the form of meat sticks, nuggets and other bread products; Raw sausages; Salamis; பரவுகிறது; Raw ham, sausages and raw, fermented, overcooked bacon, pepperoni, cervelat and other raw fermented products.

The Products of animal origin that can be imported into Cuba “Protected meat from beef, porcine and poultry (canned), Duly recognized and recognized trademarks are eligible for Cuba due to established agreements between their current animal health status and official veterinary services: Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay “.

They can take it too Canned seafood products; Paul Liquid UHT, Condensed, evaporated, and milk desserts; Milk powder, As well as Made from mature pasteurized cheeses or ultra pasteurized milk From any geographical area.

For its part, Imports of sausages are temporarily approved From countries with agreements with the island: Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

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CENASA clarified “The list of these facilities and eligible countries can be modified in relation to changes in the animal health status of the countries of origin. (Food will be produced and reflected on the product label), and may be subject to constant changes, which will be updated regularly on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture.

“All products come in fully packaged, approved brands and properly labeled, without breakage in the packaging. If there is any breakage or decomposition in the packaging, the products that could become the vehicle of the etiological agents causing the disease will be confiscated and incinerated.“, He pointed out.

The Regulations Are addressed Prevent the introduction of biological agents that cause harmful diseases Man in the case of pets, wildlife and junos.

Terms are taken into accountAnimal health status of countries of birth, May be different even in the same geographical area. This is why in the case of travelers from different countries and regions of the world, certain barriers to food entry into the national border are maintained. “

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