New Economy Minister Guarantees National Census

Vice President of the Republic Raquel Peña, Pavel Isa Contreras, was sworn in this Monday as the new head of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development.MEPYD), replacing Miguel Chiara Hutton, who serves as Minister of Environment and Natural Resources.

Isa explained that his commitment is to continue the work agenda already established by the Ministry, directing public strategies for the benefit of Dominican society. Additionally, he argued that the purpose of this portfolio was to provide “quality” to the government.

“This is a ministry that does not provide services to the people; “We don’t provide health or education services (…) Our mission is to provide quality to public policies,” he said, thereby guaranteeing the quality of government services to citizens.

Speaking, the new minister said she would continue inter-agency cooperation as there was “much more to be done” in terms of long-term strategic planning and the integration of planning with investment.

This November 2022 he promised National Population and Housing CensusData to strengthen new development programs as an essential issue for the statistical system to strengthen the socio-economic indicators of the country.

“Our task is to harvest because we have already made fundamental changes in the last two years,” the official said.

He argued that a survey should be conducted on the work done Land use planning To prevent haphazard development and to conserve economic resources that can be directed to other areas.

He stressed that the preliminary work of the Ministry of Economy has already been done and it is appropriate for it to continue to implement strategic plans and encourage the necessary assistance so that each project achieves its goal.

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The swearing-in ceremony was held MEPYD There the heads of departments and the company’s deputy ministers bid farewell to outgoing minister Ciara Hutton. They highlighted “his work ethic, integrity and transparency” during his administration.

Between events and some videos about activities led by the current Minister of Environment, officials recalled their commitment to work and welcomed Pavel Issa, who served as Deputy Minister of Government Enterprise.

After the assassination of then-Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mera last month, President Luis Abinader issued a decree on new appointments and encouraged officials to work.

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