If Torres and Jones win, they will become the 1st Q black members of Congress

Suppose Some researchers do, Gay, bisexual or transgender Americans represent 4.5 percent of the population, and black Americans represent 12 percent of the LGBT community, and Congress will need three black LPGTU members to represent the country’s figures.

Other researchers believe that 10 percent of the U.S. population is LGBT, thanks to self-identification among younger Americans and Americans of color. Andrew Reynolds, a professor at Princeton University School of Public and International Affairs, says that if true, the six gay and black members of Congress would represent the wider population more accurately.

In any case, Professor Reynolds Mr. Torres and Mr. Jones said the victory marks “a significant moment in the psychological transformation that we consider to have been elected as a politician.”

Mr Torres agreed. “Gay Incorporated has historically been dominated by white homosexuals,” he said. “So the successes that Monter and I have achieved signify progress not only outside the LGBT community but also within.”

Researchers and LGBT lawyers see other evidence that Americans have come a long way since Tommy Baldwin became the first homosexual to be elected to Congress in 1998. Previously, members had come out while in office – or left.

Congress now has nine LGBTQ members; Mr Magni said seven were white, one Asian-American and one Native American.

The openness of the American electorate to homosexuals or bisexual politicians now extends to people of color, proof that black and lesbian Lori Lightfoot was elected mayor of Chicago; Election of Sharis Davids, The First The lesbian was elected to the Native American Congress and Mr. Torres and Mr. Successes of Jones.

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“With their victories, we will now have an all-encompassing Congress,” said Alfonso B, leader of the human rights campaign. Said David. “We have a Congress that reflects the diversity of our community, and we have a Congress that protects our interests.”

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