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A total of 11 people are demanding his resignation, while several Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, or the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Chuck Schumer (representing New York), have yet to argue for the governor’s resignation, but the allegations should be seriously investigated.

In addition, 59 Democrats in the New York State Parliament – a total of 213 congressmen, most of whom are Democrats, such as the governor – joined the dozens of Republicans already introduced Charge plan against the governor 63 years.

Chance of facing Cuomo a Indictment One of the Democrats’ leaders in the state legislature, whose ally recently gave the green light to the first phase of the process on Thursday, said his removal from office appears to be higher than ever.

Cuomo, the state’s most influential Democrat, is increasingly plagued by allegations Sexual abuse or harassment Six women; Finally, apparently very serious, from an employee, he put his hand under her blouse and, at the end of 2020, “aggressively” touched her at his official home.

This latest complaint could even have criminal consequences: a spokesman for the AFP quoted the governor’s office as “having to notify local police.”

“The allegations are serious”

Upon receiving them, local lower house Democratic leader Carl Heisty said Thursday that he had “authorized the House Judiciary Committee to open an indictment,” the first step in removing the governor, ending his third term. At the end of 2022.

“The allegations against the governor are serious,” Heisty said in a statement. “This group can interview witnesses, request documents and evaluate evidence.”

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Heisti noted that his investigation will not interfere because New York Attorney General Lydia James is already making similar allegations.

Regarding the most recent allegation against him, Cuomo issued a statement saying the details of a woman’s story were “heartbreaking”, but he refused to act as he described.

The governor has previously apologized for hurting or harassing employees, saying he was “insensitive or too personal” and repeatedly denied treating women inappropriately.

The New York Legislature requires a simple majority in the lower house and a two-thirds majority in the upper house. The last practice was before 1913.

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