Court sends former OMSA director and others involved in Uniol Ramores’ death

The National District’s Fourth Court of Inquiry has ordered the opening of a trial against seven people involved in the death of Judge, Professor and Advocate Uniol Rameres, which took place on October 12, 2017 and the Corruption Corruption Services (OMSA) at the Bus Metropolitan Office.

Judge Solange Vasquez, during the hearing of the preliminary hearing, ordered the defendants to respond to the charges against them prior to the hearing on the merits, in which case the main author, Argenis Contreras, is in custody pending knowledge of the preliminary verdict.

The court ordered Fastino Rosario Thiaz, finance director of the Metropolitan Bus Service Office (OMSA), to pay a bond of 4 million pesos and to issue a restraining order from time to time. The defendant was under house arrest.

Similarly, the judge ordered the release of defendant George Louis Aubrey Fabian (taxi driver), after imposing a bail of 50 thousand pesos, with a restraining order and periodic issuance.

Former Director of OMSA, Manuel Rivas, Jose Antonio Mercado (El Grante), Vector Elisander Ravello Campos (El Herro), Heidi Carolina Pena, Organis’ wife Contreras and Lillian Francisco Suarez Jacques.

Vasquez, in his conclusion, considered that there was sufficient evidence against the accused to cover up the murder and body of the perpetrator and Professor Uniol Ramà®°res.

The judge made the decision after dismissing the file from National District Attorney Rosalpa Ramos and accepting the opinion put forward by the Special Advocate for Administrative Corruption Persecution (PEPCA) who took up the case.

On October 12, 2017, the body of a lawyer was found with a chain around his neck tied into a block in a stream in Manokiabo, Santo Domingo Oste. The lawyer was last seen at the academy at 1:00 p.m.

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