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Two pitch wars that stole everyone’s attention in Mexico

Two pitch wars this weekend have attracted attention on social media, one on the streets of Mexico City’s historic center, and the other at a golf course in Guerrero. The fight on the golf course was ridiculed by Internet users because in the images captured by various media outlets in the field of gigabit, you can clearly see how many men are arguing about the outcome of the game, and the standard blows they failed when they started to fight. The subjects involved blow the wind, scream, and stumble, which seems like a funny scene. Even the registrants laugh at what they see. In the second video some men pull each other on the violin grass and one of them says, “Now, now, now, I’m not fighting, I’m splitting, now!” Teasing comments surfaced on social media, “I want life to hit me like a fight on the golf course, so don’t fight”, “Creepy golf fight, wisdom is recommended.” The other fighting took place in the center of the country’s capital. The incident saw two nonviolent subjects violently attacking each other around the perimeter. Several feet later, a policeman from the Civil Defense Secretariat arrives at the scene and fights. At that time the two street gladiators split up, however another man attacked a fighter from behind and the fight resumed, now more and more people are involved. The Witnesses tried to calm things down with loud shouts, but the fight between the unsuspecting men continued. When one of them touched the ground the others approached to separate them, but attacked each other. At the end of the post, you can see that the fight calmed down with the intervention of some of the women who came with them, and although they were aggressive, they were finally able to separate.

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