Identified the area of ​​the new landfill in San Juan del Rio – El Sol de Durango

San Juan del Rio, Dgo. (OEM). The area where the new San Juan del Rio landfill will be built has already been determined, which will serve both the San Juan del Rio municipal seat and five other cities, as well as the El Castillo mine.

This was stated by the engineer Jose Alfredo MarinDirector of Municipal Public Works, noting that tendering and contracting had already been done by the Durango State Minister of Natural Resources and Environment.

The site that will serve this much-needed work will be on municipal land adjacent to Federal Lands, approximately one and a half kilometers east of the city of San Juan del Rio.

We recommend that Ejido Canatlán does not agree to open the landfill

He explained that the beneficiary communities that were assisted in collecting the garbage are Toledo, Estancia Blanca, El Terrero, Francisco de Ibarra and Nuevo Francisco de Ibarra and will receive part of the waste from the El Castillo mine.

When asked when construction will start, the professional replied that once the company received the total advance payment from the state government.

A previous interview on this topic, after the recorded combustion at the current landfill, was conducted last March by Luis Alfredo Rangel Pescador, Undersecretary of the Ministry of SRNyMA He said that in the information that the unit has according to its studies and diagnoses of landfills in the state consistent with San Juan del Rio, it is considered a red light for two main reasons: its proximity to a populated area. And because it is completely beyond, as well as out of the ordinary.

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For this reason, Secretary Alfredo Herrera Doenweg gave priority to its construction, and demanded in the 2021 budget the amount of 4 and a half million, which was not approved by the Chamber of Deputies despite the pressure made personally with the deputies. different fractures.

However, permission to appeal was obtained in negotiations with the Ministry of Finance, on which the work was publicly raised, the procedure established by law was exhausted, the work was awarded, the contractor received a partial amount of the agreed down payment, and the official added that the rest had not yet been received That is why the work has not started.

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