Ibrahimovic: I have nothing less than Messi and Cristiano

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Very true to his style, Sladen Ibrahimovic Despite being 39 years old and in the final stages of his career, he made it clear that he considers himself Best Footballer Of the world, he dared to confirm it Is on the scale of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“When it comes to football qualities, I have nothing less than them (Messi and CR7) “, AC Milan player said in an interview France football. “If we count the trophies, they have something else like the Champions League,” he added.

With the idea of ​​how to decide who is the best footballer, the Swedish striker was interested in knowing the parameters that are taken into account in such decisions. “I am interested in it because when you do good things collectively, the individual follows you. If the joint is not good it cannot be goodHe commented.

“When working collaboratively, personal benefits: The individual cannot be good if the team is not good. Basically, I think he is the best in the worldHe added.

Gold ball

Another topic he touched on Ibrahimovic It is desirable Gold ball, He assured her that he would never bother her. “I don’t know on what basis the award is determined, but I was never hysterical in winning it. I could not see him, no other way“, He said.

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