Ibero Puebla requests Parliament before the Science Law Grupo Milenio

I questioned the Ibero-American University of Puebla and the Jesuit university system Common Law Initiative for the Humanities, Science, Technology, and Innovation, It was promoted by the Republic’s government because it was closed to discussion of ideas and because it discriminated against researchers from private higher education institutions.

In a position, the Jesuit institutions expressed concern about the various contents of the bill, and lamented that the drafting process was one-sided and exclusive; And They demanded the establishment of an open parliament that takes into account all the actors involved.

“We are confident that the principles of participatory democracy, favored by the discourse of the government and the political class as a whole, will be taken seriously and reflected in the deliberation process that will take place in Congress on the common law initiative,” details a document signed by Ibero Puebla, Ibero Mexico City and the rest of the institutions that make up Part of the Jesuit university system.

The Academic Council of the universities that make up the Jesuit university system has asked Congress to conduct a responsible, open, transparent, pluralistic, and rigorous review and discussion process for the Jesuit initiative. General Law for the Humanities, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ensuring the participation of all actors involved in the national ecosystem of science, technology and humanism, which requires the implementation of an open parliament.

Jesuit universities questioned scholarships being discriminatory because students from private higher education institutions were placed at a disadvantage.

“The priority of awarding scholarships for postgraduate studies, provided for in Article 39 of the initiative, puts students enrolled in private higher education institutions at a disadvantage. This is reinforced by the discriminatory nature of the proposed regulations towards a segment of the population that decides, freely, to study in that institution that meet their academic expectations and interests. This measure creates another barrier to the difficult path that Mexican students go through in their scientific life, “the document adds.


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