“I still can’t do concerts”

Madrid, May 15. (Cultural Retirement) –

Enrique Bunbury leaves the stage early. The singer and composer from Zaragoza has already set a date to retire from live music. Has announced the cancellation of his last tourHe started on American soil, in which only two concerts were held, and he sees how his throat problems got worse.

With all the pain in my heart, I should have expected what I already saw immediately. I can not do more concerts“, Promises the artist in an” emergency statement “spread on his social networks, in which he regrets”What I thought was going to be controlled was completely beyond my hands and desires,, Refers to his “throat and breathing problems.”

It was Last February 28 Heroes del Silencio, the soloist and former leader of the famous rock band, announced with surprise that he had decided to leave the stage “very thoughtfully and consciously” as a result of a throat problem for many years. He will do it after the final tour called the ‘Last Tour’.In this he will give his last concerts in America, Latin America and Spain.

The tour began in New York on May 6 and continued in Atlanta on May 10. The two concerts will be the last two live performances of the Zaragoza artist if things do not change big.

Here is the whole statement from Enrique Bunbury:

When we announced the concerts of the El Último tour two months ago, we wanted to fulfill the promises we had made earlier in the United States and Spain. We were on time with Latin America because no agreement has been closed yet.

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Gave events We try to minimize touring the US and Spain, while allocating more time between concerts.Ensure that the voice can respond – as much as possible.

A few days ago, we started the first show of this farewell tour in Atlanta following New York. Both are two wonderful concerts, I think the public and us, can say with a little pride.

Unfortunately, today in Chicago, the day before the show in Rosemond, we had to announce it We can not continue the tour. N Throat and breathing problems increased and returned sharply last night Also, I thought I was going to be in control, completely beyond my hands and preferences.

At this point, we will no longer consider cancellations and will not postpone any concerts. With all the pain in my heart, I should have expected what I already saw immediately. I can not do more concerts. I understand that many of you have already bought tickets for a North American tour that has already sold out, as well as tickets for a Spanish tour with the same goal.

You can withdraw the tickets you purchased. I hope for your understanding in this painful moment for me and my team“.

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