“I risked my life, I was able to cross the Rio Grande” Olympic champion Oslides Menendez spoke in Miami – Swing Campedo

– Results

“I decided to leave because I was a young woman with dreams and desires, and I decided to explore other frontiers to fight for my future and my family. We have experienced a lot of work in this life.

Dropping statistics is so common that no one notices it. You give your whole life, put the name of your game and your country first, and when you retire you keep the glory of your home. They give me no value; I felt discriminated against and they underestimated my humility and my behavior.

– Travel to the United States

“I went to Jamaica via Santiago de Cuba and from there entered Nicaragua, which was the starting point of a hellish journey I will never forget.

I risked my life and endured verbal abuse that went through adverse weather, both extreme heat and extreme cold; It was a huge effort without a bath. I was finally able to cross the Rio Grande via Bydros Negros. My dream seemed to start to happen when I set foot on North American soil. I am a warrior, I have always been, and I know it will come. Here in Miami I was welcomed by a family from my Mardi Gras municipality.

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– Projects

“I have nothing yet, but I will not stop until I achieve my dream of becoming a coach, able to work in good conditions and achieve the results I have achieved in my specialties with students who want to sculpt. A career in athletics.

Coming to the United States was like throwing a distance of 75 meters and I could not reach the goal I had set for myself. But, I have 75 meters away from my desire, happiness, my determination to succeed, to be the person to help my family and make their dreams come true.

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