Liga de Quito beat Crimea 1-2 in Brazil in the quarterfinals of the South American Cup | Football | Sports

(Video) Young midfielder Jordi Alcavar was the hero of the night by scoring two goals to come back.


A brave Liga de Quito won the pass to the quarterfinals of the Copa Sudamericana 2021 this Tuesday by defeating the newly joined Luis Felipe Scolari 2-1 (2-2) to the Gremio di Porto Alegre, who suffered from an overly defensive attitude.

Young midfielder Jordi Alcavar was the hero of the night by turning the two goals of the 44th comeback into a powerful title, and at 56, with a suspicious penalty, pointed out after the VAR analysis.

Attacking Diego Zosa opened the scoring for the Brazilians on the 23rd, after an accurate cross from Allison’s left, with a chopped header that Kabarini could not reach.

Liga de Quito will face the winner of the 16th round of the Brazilian Athletics Paranaense and American de Gaulle this Tuesday.

The big turning point for the crowd came at the start of the second half when Ecuador midfielder Jojan Julio fell suspiciously into the area in front of Fernando Henrique.

For several minutes, VAR was exploring whether the touch he gave the Brazilian with his foot was the cause of Ecuador’s fall, with Venezuelan referee Jose Arcot signaling the maximum penalty.

Too late

Alcavar scored his second goal. Gremio, who is second in Brazil, changed his face because he was out with a 2-2 lead in the series and he started looking for a successful goal. But it was too late.

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Scolari, who suffered his first setback in the fourth round at the head of the triangle, used the same strategy as on the first track and waited for a defensive and counter-attack, but this time he did not go into his fourth game as he did in the first three.

From the start, 4-3-3, the Guild gave the game to the Ecuadorians, who needed a win after losing 1-0 on the first track and used the space to win the game (holding almost 60% of the ball in almost the entire conflict).

Everything seemed to go smoothly for the triangle with Zosa’s goal, but they were surprised by Albos’ comeback, who gave his first delight to new Argentine coach Pablo Marini.

“The important thing is to reach the goal and score a goal,” said triangular goalkeeper Gabriel Chappey.

After the penalty, Scolari’s men began circling around Ecuador, using the Quito League, unlike in the beginning. With quick passes, they tried to create danger, but they did so irregularly, with little luck.

The Venezuelan referee extended the second half to more than 10 minutes, which he resisted, due to confusion over the establishment of a barrier that was dangerous to the people of Ecuador. (D)


Guild: Gabriel Chapeco; Vandersen de Oliveira Campos, Pedro Jerome, Walter Cunningham (Ruan Tresoldi Neto, 81 min.), Bruno Cortez (Diego Barboza 71); Leonardo Augusto dos Santos Pereira (Caesar Pinares, 64 min.), Fernando Henrique Pereira (Leonardo Alves Sa Franco, 71), Victor Popcin, Allison (Gilherm Acevedo, 81 min.); Diego, Jean Pierre. DT: Louis Felipe Scolari.

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Quito League: Adrian Cabarini; Point Pedro Perlasa, Franklin Guerrero, Louis Gaiseto, Louis Ayala; Matthias Junino (Josio Quinteros, 79 min.), Ezuel Piovi, Jojan Julio (Christian Cruz, 90 min.), Jordi Alquiere, Kevin Mercado (Lucas Villarreal, 71 min.); Louis Amarilla. DT: Pablo Marini.

Ground: Arena do Crimea (Porto Alegre)

Referee: Jose Arcode (VEN). Guild dos warned Santos Pereira (21 min.), Cunningham (80 min.). Junino from Liga (Q) (72 min.).


Guild: Diego (23 min.)

Quito League: Alcover (44 minutes and 56 minutes. Penalty)

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