“I never educated her like that”, Islin | News from El Salvador

It seems that the comedian did not want his daughter to pose with underwear, so he promised that this behavior was inherited from his mother.

“I did not educate her like that. It has to come from her mother’s side, “said Eisenhower, the daughter of Mexican comedian Eugenio Derbes.

The pose on the underwear has caused the biggest buzz on the Iceline web. The actress pointed out that her friend and photographer Henry Jimenez dared to do so after convincing himself.

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Eislyn seems to know that she’s going to make a big impact on her father, so she went ahead and put the following message when uploading the picture: “Well … here’s the airbase waiting to settle my photo … The good thing is, you already know henryjimenz well, Prepare yourself. “

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The reaction of the actress’ 11 million followers did not wait. They not only praised her beauty, but also responded to Eugenio Derpes with humorous comments.

“Now sir, don’t bother, let’s enjoy your work a little bit … ha ha ha”, “Well, your mom ha ha ha for something you wanted”, and “Your dad dressed in Snow White was more obscene than you in this photo ha ha ha So no, he should not complain, ‚ÄĚsome comments.

These are integrated photos

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