“I met the worst Messi, he was a liar and a provocateur, they thought they were ready with Barcelona; it hurt us at Real Madrid”


Many footballers have recognized that Leo Messi He is the greatest player of all time for the countless titles he achieved in his career. However, there are also detractors in Argentina, one of them Jersey Dudek.

The Polish exporter lifted the Champions League Liverpool Then in 2007 he signed Real Madrid. He was transferred to a white company so that he could compete Igar CasillasAlthough the Spaniards remained unmoved, his position could not be taken at that time.

According to Dudek The Bernabeu was more complicated because of how he saw it boxes He owned the goal and missed 12 games in four years. Meanwhile, Igar He was a total idol of Madrid and played in all competitions. Jersey Made a decision from that point on, but that’s about it Barcelona of Pep Guardiola And Messi.

“I know the worst Messi, he is as wrong and provocative as Barcelona and Josep Guardiola. They thought they were smart by provoking and sometimes they were perfect. It hurt Jose Mourinho and the whole team a lot,” he said. Dudek In his autobiography: An Unreal Path.

Additionally, he added about Rosario: “I saw that Messi. He would say such rude things to Pepe and Sergio Ramos that no one could imagine from such a quiet and handsome guy.

Dudek He also remembers what it was like to share a dressing room Ral And Cristiano RonaldoTwo other legends Real Madrid.

“Raoul is a very arrogant character, but in general he is a normal guy. On the other hand, Cristiano Ronaldo is very selfish, but he really wants to win. Of course he won 1-0 not 5-0. Apart from that, he is a completely normal guy, but I understand that he might be perceived as different from the outside,” says Dhruvam.

Dudek was a teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid.

DudekNow 50 years old, he has hung up the gloves Real Madrid During the 2012 season and his rotation at the club, The Barcelona It was the dominant team in Europe.

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