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Last June vivo unveiled its new mid-range ‘smartphone’, the vivo V29 Lite, a device the company insists will “democratize the premium” and offers some premium features that stand out at first glance, such as its screen. As well as great lighting for night photos.

As seen on this device and previous models like the vivo X80, the manufacturer has again opted for anti-fingerprint back covers, this time offered in black (Black Flare) and gold (Dreamy Gold).

It is precisely the latter that we had the opportunity to test on Portalic, and we were surprised by the terminal screen, which is one of its best points due to its ‘premium’ aspect.

While previous versions like the V21 or V23 were equipped with flat screens, this latest release from the Chinese brand offers a 6.78-inch AMOLED curved panel that minimizes its frames and gives us the feeling of having an infinite panel in our hands.

The same screen that protects the high-end X80 Pro is made of SCHOTT Xensation Up glass, which survives drop tests at twice the height compared to phones with conventional aluminosilicate glass.

If we continue to focus on that aesthetic level, it should be noted that its back is anti-fingerprint, although it is very thin and light mobile -7.89 mm thick and weighs 177 grams, it is used with a cover to prevent slipping and improve its grip.

Navigating through the interface is very fast – it has a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 300 Hz – and comfortable, it supports Full HD + resolution and promises a maximum brightness of 1,300 nits.

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Goodbye beauty filter, hello glow

The photography department is once again one of the brand’s best assets, promising “more natural and realistic photography” in its presentation, which is why it has ditched the so-called ‘Beauty Mode’.

This filter, so common in ‘smartphones’, brings together automated photo editing tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect facial features and soften them, among other functions, that have disappeared from both this terminal and other live mobiles.

It was announced during the presentation of this phone and he commented that it is disabled by default but can still be used by manually activating it from the configuration settings.

So, since the main lens has an anti-shake camera with optical stabilization system (OIS), there will be 64 megapixels (MP), followed by two auxiliary ones located in the lower module: 2MP (super macro) and 2MP (bokeh).

In this segment, the new vivo ‘smartphone’ is interesting due to its wide range of photography and video modes, including Cinema Video Recording Mode or Super Night Mode. Thanks to this, for example, you can take very bright photos outdoors and in low light conditions.

It also has a portrait mode with flash, which allows you to take difficult pictures, as well as different types of lighting in the lighting effect tab (natural, studio, stereo, loop, monochrome or rainbow).

An interesting feature of the camera is the standby mode that it introduces when the device is not in use, so that the vivo V29 Lite does not record movement on the screen for a while – for example, we are going to take a photo and we are waiting for the right moment to do it – a screensaver is automatically activated, which reminds users to press the camera.

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What’s missing in this case is a wide-angle camera, which would be a strong point in the imaging department, and if what you’re looking for is a big screen, it’ll prove to be a versatile phone.

In this case, it should be noted that it offers 8 GB of RAM capacity, which is interesting for a mid-range phone. In addition, it introduces a storage system and an interface protection, so that the most used applications are prioritized over others and automatically loaded on the screen.

Good battery, but a limited processor

On the other hand, the vivo v29 Lite is equipped with a 5,000mAh battery with a 44W FlashCharge system, making it interesting for users who use it for basic tasks like web browsing, social networking and office automation.

In this respect, it is noteworthy that thanks to this fast charging solution, 30 percent battery capacity can be charged in 15 minutes, half in half an hour, and a total of 64 minutes. The charger, by the way, is included in the box.

At the processing level, this model may not have the latest chip, as it uses the Qualcomm 695 5G Snapdragon platform, a family we met almost two years ago, in October 2021.

Despite the addition of a Qualcomm Kryo 660 CPU that offers 15 percent improved overall performance compared to previous generation ‘smartphones’, it’s slightly tweaked for tasks beyond regular use. For this reason, it is not highly recommended for users looking for a device to play regularly. However, this phone doesn’t live up to those claims either.

One feature worth highlighting at the end is that the mobile offers the option to use eSIM, whereby vivo prepares to move forward with a digital version of plastic SIM cards. And because of this detail, some users may choose this device, knowing that it can extend its useful life, in short, a screen and a battery will fit.

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