Hurricane Grace will hit Mexico twice

(CNN) – Grace is now heading for a hurricane and Mexico, threatening to bring hurricane-force winds, life-threatening rough waters, hurricanes and heavy rain.

Grace blows with a strong gust of 120 km / h and drifts away from the Grand Cayman. It is expected to arrive on the Yucatan Peninsula on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning NHC.

Wednesday morning, 104 km west of Grace Groman.

What is Grace’s achievement better than Haiti’s? 3:08

A hurricane warning is in effect on the Yucatan Peninsula, including the first Punta Herrero, Cosmel, in the Congo.

Such a warning is expected somewhere within the hurricane conditions warning area. A warning indicates the possibility of hurricane conditions in that area.

Areas in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and the Yucatan Peninsula will receive 101 to 203 mm of rain and isolated amounts of 304 mm due to the storm, which could lead to flash floods and urban flooding.

The NHC said the storm could cause life-threatening waves in the region and affect the current situation.

In addition, the storm is forecast to be 91 to 152 cm higher than normal.

Once Grace reaches the shores of the Yucatan Peninsula, it is expected to continue west and cross Campsey Bay after losing some strength, CNN meteorologist Michael Guy said.

The storm is forecast to form again and turn into a hurricane again this Friday night before crossing the coast again off the central coast of Mexico.

Grace passes through Haiti

From Monday to Tuesday night, the NHC reported that the Mercy Center had for some time crossed the Dibron Peninsula in Haiti, bringing heavy rains.

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Grace is recovering from a magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck Saturday and is expected to bring a few more millimeters of rain to the area, killing at least 1,941 people.

According to UNICEF, the quake affected about 1.2 million people, including 540,000 children.

Haitians clean up after the earthquake 3:01

Grace, which struck the same area as a tropical storm late Monday, “further disrupts access to water, shelter and other basic services,” UNICEF said in a statement Tuesday.

“Floods and landslides will worsen the situation of vulnerable families and further complicate the humanitarian response,” he added.

No rain reports or radar surveillance data outside of Haiti. But CNN meteorologists estimate that about 60 to 100 millimeters of rain fell between 11 a.m. Monday and 11 a.m. Tuesday.

CNN’s Judson Jones, Michael Guy, Matt Rivers and Theresa Waltrop contributed to the report.

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