Hundreds of Bolivian teachers confront police in march against “forced retirement”

Police officers during a teacher protest in La Paz (EFE/Luis Gandarillas).

Hundreds of Bolivian teachers rallied in La Paz on Monday against the draft law. “forced rest”, They have also requested the President's government. Lewis ArsAllocate more budget to that department and pay them for total class hours taught.

The educators marched through the center of the city towards the Ministry of Education, where they set off firecrackers and directed them at police officers guarding the sector, while security agents responded by throwing pepper spray and paint-filled grenades. .

Teachers from other parts of the country joined the rally, saying they would stay in the city until authorities responded.

“We want to pass, we must pass,” chanted the demonstrators as they faced dozens of police officers guarding the ministry offices.

Why don't politicians retire at 65? “They demand that we leave the teaching profession at 65, or else we have to undergo psychological testing?” asked Monica Peña, a teacher from Santa Cruz.

Beena said EFE Parents in their region have to pay some teachers with their own money, while others have to pay the government for 80 hours when they actually teach more than 100 hours.

The authors seek to speak to university professors and administrative staff of state universities in addition to the health workers already notified. A four-day strike From next Thursday.

They are seeking to talk to university professors and administrative staff at state universities, in addition to health workers who have already announced a four-day strike starting next Thursday (REUTERS/Claudia Morales).

“For us it's a strike, it's a totally unjustified mobilization,” Labor Minister Veronica Navia told local media.

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Some school district directorates are also expected to have discounts for non-working days for teachers.

At the end of the afternoon, the Minister of Education, Omar VelizThe possibility of a dialogue with the teachers to address their demands, scheduled for this Tuesday, was opened.

Opposing sectors criticize the extra provision as unique 'Bill 035'The reform of the pension law states that people over 65 years of age “will acquire and exercise the right to old-age pension” and that they may “undergo a medical examination of physical and mental health” for their “continuation of work”. ”.

The legislative proposal does not take into account elected officials or independently appointed officials in government agencies.

The government pointed out that the proposed law seeks to “increase retirement pensions” and strengthen the Solidarity Pension Fund by adjusting the contribution of public and private employees.

Rest in Bolivia 58 years for men to 55 years for women, Old-age income is calculated based on the years of contributions to the pension system and the level of salary received, in addition, the country has a solidarity fund.

219,266 retirees in Bolivia receive old-age income from the pension fund.

(with information from EFE)

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