Huixquilucan supports neighborhood opposition to airspace redesign

The government of Huixquilucan supports the concern expressed by neighbors to the west of the Valley of Mexico, since they also opposes the redesign of the airspace for the implementation of the Metropolitan Airport System, as there are no public studies or analyzes so far, that prove the safety and viability of the new routes, without affecting the health of those who live in this municipality and in the entire Metropolitan Area.

A statement informs that as it has done since the first day that this redesign of the airspace was launched, without previous working groups with the local authorities and the residents of the affected demarcations, the municipal government requests the Government of Mexico and, especially, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), that opens the dialogue with all the sectors involved and make your decision to modify existing routes transparent, while being asked to make known under what parameters that determination was made.

It also joins the request of that the airport authorities listen to the residents of the western area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, about the repercussions that this aerial redesign has had on their daily lives, in order to assess and determine what is the best interest of the population, giving priority to the health of those affected.

Since last April 6, in conjunction with the associations of settlers in the residential area of ​​this municipality, the government of Huixquilucan has requested the SCT and the Mexican Air Space Navigation Services (SENEAM) the arguments and details about the Master Plan for the Modernization and Restructuring of the Airspace of the Valley of Mexico and although it recognizes that, at first, dialogue was opened and commitments were established by federal agencies, the local administration has not known the results of the compromised tests and, apparently, carried out.

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He also called on the federal authorities to privilege “the well-being of citizens, above any arbitrary or particular decision that may exist in this procedure“.

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