In this way, Irina Beva celebrated her legal victory over Laura Posso

After a long legal process, Irina Beva She, along with her fianc Gabriel Soto, won the lawsuit filed against Laura Bozo for moral damages, so now she broke the silence and talked about the situation.

It should be noted that the case came after the driver spoke against Beva and Soto on a TV show, so the couple went to court to sue the driver for defamation, intimidation, harassment and discrimination.

After a lengthy judicial process, a Mexican judge recently granted the couple permission Judgment in favor, So the couple celebrated their success this way.

“We are very happy, we have already won this case and I think justice has finally proved us right,” Bewa told the media.

He promised that a precedent could be set by this, although there is freedom of expression, but it has its limitations, for which no one in particular has the right to express, judge, criticize, and so on. By words that sound superior in that sense. Said the artist.

The couple must have been drivers of Peruvian descent. Photo: Special

What if Laura Poso can’t pay you?

The issuer was faced with the question of not having the money to pay them, especially since he is now a fugitive for tax evasion for 13 million pesos, Irina commented that he did not know what happened before this situation.

“This is a question that needs to be asked of our lawyer, he knows better than us, the only thing we know and the only thing we celebrate (…) Believe me, financial compensation is the last thing I think, it’s not even something to be asked, it’s not something we ask for , Is far from it.

Finally, Beva He stressed that thanks to this legal process, foundations are being laid to mark a fortress of respect among the media and artists.

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