Hugo Gonzalez, Funes Mori and the villains for the removal of the rhododendron in Liquila

Funes Mori’s lack of a goal, Gallardo’s error in scoring Santos and Monterrey fans’ distrust of their goalkeeper represent villains to eliminate

Defender Jesus Gallardo, Before Rogelio Funes Mori And goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez They became the villains of the Riotos in the second round against the quarterfinals Santos, A team that knocks them out of the league of the 2021 Guard 1 Clausura tournament.

Jesus Gallardo He had a regular performance in the tournament, but at the very least he affected the team to leave the tournament, in which they struggled to get a place in the next round.

In the 91st minute, Matthews Toria went for a corner kick, the ball hit Gallardo, it was left to Ronaldo Prieto, the Santos player did not apologize, put it 1-1, and eventually gave the pass to the semifinals.

Argentina forward Rogelio Funes Mori Since he extended his awkward streak, he has become one of the villains of the Monterrey team, unable to score in the match Underlined Against Santos With this he reached 11 matches without damaging the targets of the rivals.

Funes Mori He is currently on the hunt for the highest scorer in Monterrey’s history after joining Chile Humberto Suarez at 121, but to this day he has not been able to help his team achieve victory, meaning they are eliminating the league.

Last April, Argentina drew with Chile in the 13th match of the 2021 Guard 1 Glasura, while the Monterey team faced Atletico de San Luis. After that, he began looking for an attack to make history, but he scored seven games in Mexican football against two matches: Toluca, Pacquiao, Sivas, Tigress, Masatlin (in which he did not play) and Santos. Within the quarterfinals, a total of 618 minutes without a score.

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These comparisons include the four he had Underlined In the Concoff Champions League against Atletico Pontoza and the Columbus crew, he was also vacant, and now he is vacant again, so he could not help his team to continue in the league.

Goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez He had unfortunate interventions in the crowd, which received criticism on social networks after the removal of Montessori.

“Hugo Gonzalez sends me everything except security”, “I do not want to see Hugo Gonzalez back on my team”, some comments from followers Underlined On social networks.

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