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To protect our privacy and prevent the theft of our information or contacts in the WhatsApp application, these measures include: two-step authentication, end-to-end encryption, the use of passwords to access WhatsApp (or the use of passkeys with biometric data), the method of silencing notifications, Archiving chats and even blocking recent chats.

However, some people may want to violate your privacy and see your contacts' information, so an extra layer of security is useful for you, especially if you have sensitive or confidential information.

Today we will share with you a foolproof trick so that you can add contacts with white name (without visible data) and protect their privacy.

How to contact without name on WhatsApp

Want to keep some contacts private? Share it? Here we explain how to save a contact without name, just follow these steps

First of all: Access the Contacts app on your cell phone.

Second: Find the contact you want to delete.

Third: Edit the name and leave it blank. Your cell phone won't allow it.

Room: copy “white text” from unicode:

the fifth: Access this link:

Then select “Copy” or use the automatic selection function.

Sixth: Pastes blank text into the contact name field.

Seventh: Search contact on WhatsApp by their number.

Credit to Depor for WhatsApp contact without name

Ready, we are done, contact's name will not appear in WhatsApp, only their profile photo.

Don't ignore this

This trick is very useful and will allow you to keep your contacts' names private, but we should mention that it only works for the contact name, not the nickname. A contact's profile photo is displayed in conversations, so it cannot be hidden.

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Be sure to use a Unicode link to make this trick work anyway, so you can hide all the names of your important contacts or those who want to protect their privacy.

How does WhatsApp protect you?

One of the key measures is end-to-end encryption, which means messages are encrypted on the sender's device and decrypted only on the recipient's device, preventing third parties from accessing them. Besides, Share it It uses security notifications to notify users when a contact's security code changes, which may indicate a potential security risk. It is also recommended that people with physical access to the phone be careful as if someone accesses the device, they can use WhatsApp without permission. For added security, WhatsApp offers options such as chat blocking, which allows private conversations to be protected with a personal password, and an option to send photos and files in one glance, where recipients can view the content only once. Do not save or resend. These additional measures help strengthen the security of conversations on WhatsApp.

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