Ellie De La Cruz impressed with her fielding against New York

Shown this Saturday, April 6th, with help from Quisquayen. He “The Great American Ball Park” It served as a headquarters to accommodate local residents New York MetsFor a new baseball event.

All happened in the same first chapter, and while it may not have been under an overarching plan, it was undeniably a highlight of what a cohesive force it was. From the cross.

Ellie de la Cruz kept her pace at full speed

Created face-to-face in question Nick Martinez From Mt. and Pete Alonso At home plate. The bases were clean and the board already had two outs.

With one ball and two strikes remaining, Alonso Bought a 92 MPH Singer. The ball came out perfect at first and had no opponents around it.

But no one expected that Ellie Dela Cruz He left his position to go for her. In the race, he even outscored his teammate in left field, a sign of his incredible plus in terms of speed.

Having already sunk completely into the left-field turf, a short final stretch was enough to have complete control of the ball, allowing him to make the final exit of the episode.

Martinez He experienced a few seconds of nervousness as he watched the play unfold, but was finally able to celebrate thanks to the sheer talent he possessed. Ellie Dela Cruz.

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You can enjoy a video of the play below:

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