How to prevent them from being turned off and how to monitor your Android phone in case of theft

Walking quietly on the streets with a phone in hand is increasingly difficult.

For this reason, the latest versions of Android (11.0 and above) offer a new option that is easy to apply when tracking a mobile phone after a theft.

You must enable this option manually on your Android phone settings. You must enter the settings, select the ‘Lock screen’ option, go to ‘Secure Lock Setting’ and enter the access pin that you created and remembered.

Enter the settings section of your Android phone.

Remember to enable ‘Lock with side key’ and ‘Lock network and security’ before completing the process.

After this, you can review the function by trying to turn off your cell phone (removing the ‘Trusted places’ option), at which point you will need to enter the pin you created earlier.

Thus, the moment someone wants to turn off their phone, they will always be asked for that PIN: it cannot be easily done by thieves.

If your phone is stolen, you need to enter your Gmail account from another device for the connection to which your connected devices are registered.

There you have to select the ‘Search Device’ option. When the map indicates that you are close to your cell phone, press ‘Sound’. At that point, the device will emit a loud sound for five minutes, allowing you to accurately identify where your mobile is.

Press the ‘Secure Lock System’ option, then ‘Lock with Side Key’ and ‘Lock Network and Security’, press the ‘Secure Lock System’ option, then ‘Lock with Side Key’ and ‘Lock Network and Security’.

The latest version of Android offers other improvements in privacy and security. For example, depending on the operating system, it may allow applications to use the microphone, camera, or location only once.

In addition, it often erases data on unused applications. You will receive security and privacy fixes directly from Google Play.

Finally, you will carefully control which applications can access the phone’s location when it is not running in the background or underdeveloped.

It is easy to fall victim to cell phone theft on the street. Recover your cell phone with these instructions.


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