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If you don’t think making money in boxing alone is important, take a look at what happened over the weekend at Ever Holyfield.

The former heavyweight champion got into the ring at the age of 58 and won a few pesos at the risk of his life. He had already joked that paying people would have greatly affected boxing.

Advertisers of the Thriller Fight Club, licensed to fight in Fieldida, Florida, went there last minute, one evening originally planned in California, after the Oscar de la Hoya fight was suspended, claiming he had attacked Covid. 19.

Holyfield did not apologize to DKO in the first round after appearing to the former MMA fighter after only one candle. After the match he said he now wants to fight Mike Tyson, so he obviously lives by the reality.

Hopefully the thriller people are paying attention because they have to apologize too. Bringing an individual into the ring at the last minute for four years from retirement age is not a bad game that is already bad. He risked the life of a man only for financial reasons.

The boxer who scored the slow and confusing looking Holyfield.

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