Another member of the Cuban baseball team is based in Florida


The team had already lost Caesar Prieto, who left a few hours later

Another member of the Cuban baseball team is based in Florida

Another member of the Cuban baseball team is based in Florida

Journalist Francis Romero said on his Twitter account that another member of the Cuban baseball team had dropped out of the Cuban team that took part in the pre-Olympics Florida Olympics. This is George Sail Fikirova, who worked as the group’s psychologist.

The “missing” Cuban expert was warned at the time of the flight to Cuba, this was admitted on Thursday morning, June 3rd.

According to Facebook user Ruben Brito, he told the psychologist “We saw him at the hotel entrance at dawn today. We were talking to him. I think he has a family here (Miami) so I can stay here. Most likely he stayed.”

To many Cubans who post their opinions on social networks, it seems “unbelievable” that other players have not chosen the path of staying in the United States to get the chance to play in the Major Leagues. This criterion is further supported when deciding to live a better life, as a professional psychologist with many years of experience and a relatively important position has access to travel with the baseball team.

Many comments on social media that “the psychologist is always the obvious type” and “he went to consult the madmen there” have less news than Miguel Reyes, and the government wondered if Chail Fikirova would not be another spy for Cuba.

Hours after arriving in Florida, Xianfugos’ second commander, Caesar Prieto, alighted from a bus and boarded a car driven by a man instead of entering the hotel, where the Cuban delegation had already suffered a significant loss.

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A Report by the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) Prieto’s plane “has generated rejection among his colleagues and other members of the delegation, ready to deal with the logical impact of an event outside the majority, arguing that it must be true to the homeland and the mission we traveled to the event.”

Finally, Cuba finished the race with one win and 2 defeats, for which it was eliminated from any chance of accessing the Tokyo Olympics.

This is the first time Cuba has not played baseball at summer meetings, since Barcelona have reportedly had an unrestricted presence since 1992. In the 5 Olympics in which Cuba participated, it won 3 gold and 2 silver medals.

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