How to know if a stranger is watching your WhatsApp status

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In many cases, you need to add acquaintances to the contact list to talk about certain things Share Occasionally, but over time and when not needed, these contacts are never talked about again. Or, it happens, people get your number one way or another, and you can see what you are uploading Condition, For more than one, is embarrassing to him.

If you think a stranger has not seen your upload Share, Here we tell you how to confirm it, Thanks to a series of simple steps that do not require downloading additional applications of dubious appearance.

First, Will be Upload new status Give people a few minutes or hours to start watching. Of course, Initially the system will record the contacts who see your status the most, However, Below the list you will find the first names May be Do not identify.

That is to say, To realize this, the read confirmation option must be enabled, Which will allow you to know who is watching your positions.

Restrict access to strangers (Or undesirable) The same application allows you to configure Privacy Of your states (As well as your profile photo) At your discretion, you can determine whether these are public or planned contacts or only visible to specific users in any case.

It’s simplicity, To do so you need to open WhatsApp, Go to the section Settings (Found by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner), then select the option Account, Go to the first option Privacy And replace the part Condition Tailored to your needs.

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