How to find out if the cell phone is disabled?

The cell phone is our personal device. Every day it helps us stay in touch, wake up, have fun and do many more things, i.e. it contains personal data. That is why it is a tragedy when we lose it or it is stolen from us. Fortunately, the systems are becoming more complex, and it is now possible to detect them even if these devices are disabled.

Both Android and iOS smartphones have built-in applications that can be used to locate your smartphone. However, before using them, we recommend that you follow some steps.

What to do if my cell phone is stolen or lost?
We advise you to follow some steps before you think you have lost control and lost everything.

If you lose your cell phone, the first thing to do is ask someone to dial your number. It’s not too far away, it’s one thing to find where you left it. Also, if someone else has it, they will respond and tell you where you can claim it.

If no one responds or is stolen, it is a good idea to change all the passwords you have saved. Not only does this include your Apple account, but also Google in the case of the iPhone or Google in the case of Android, it also considers the social networks or services you have stored, which thieves or strangers think may access your personal information. Use this to extort money from you or your contacts.

Another suggestion is that you should write down your IMEI number, which is your device’s personal identifier, which will help prevent the device from being permanently blocked if you can not recover it. You can dial * # 06 # to get it.

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Downloading a location app can also be a good idea. Remember to do it from the official store of your operating system and check the reviews of other users so that you will not be badly surprised.

Finally, do not forget to configure the security key so that no one can enter your information without your permission.

How to find a disabled Android cell phone?
After performing the previous steps, you can try to track your device with a special application.

If you use Google Find My Device on Android, this functionality is provided as part of Google Play Protect.

To use this tool you need to access the Google Account associated with the lost device. Once on your profile, look for the “Find My Device” option so you can see the last known location.

If your phone is offline, turned off, or without a battery, you can use “Find My Device” to see its last location. To do this, go to or open the “Find My Device” app on another Android device, sign in to your Google Account and a complete list of connected devices will appear, selecting the one you want to find. Turning on a special sound, you can see the last place with remote protection or wipe if your data can not be retrieved.

Another option is to sign in with your Google Account and open Google Maps, click the menu and select the “Timeline” option, a new window will appear, and enter the date your phone was lost to see the location history.

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How to find a disabled iPhone?
In this case, the tool is called Find my iPhone, which is an iOS feature that allows you to monitor your device and lock it remotely to prevent anyone from misusing it.

One advantage of this tool is that the system takes care of tracking around Apple devices to locate the phone if a user notices that his iPhone is lost.

However, keep in mind that this system must be enabled before it can be used. Then, just enter iCloud with your data to find the “Find my iPhone” and “Send last location” functions.

Even if it is not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network, it will try to connect to the computer device with “Find My iPhone”. But if the phone is turned off or the battery is exhausted, its location cannot be tracked in real time, so the “Send last location” feature helps to know where the phone was before it was turned off.

There is also the option to enable the “Notify when detected” function, which will send you an email notification when your phone is restarted. This tool is available in the “Find Me” app.

Another tool is Family Sharing, which not only installs the paid app on multiple devices, but also allows you to view the location of all devices connected to the family member’s Apple ID. That is, you can ask your family member to start searching for your lost iPhone.

If all else fails, get rid of all the clutter and use the Find My option to stay safe.


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