Diego Vasquez on Concacaf’s return to the marathon: ‘Winning the race and crossing the stage’ – Ten

Diego Vasquez, Technician Motagua, Refers to the quarter turn Concacaf League In view Marathon At the National Stadium this Tuesday. The hurricane strategist says the defeat against Real Espana has passed and they are betting for victory against the Greens.

Motagua He is very strong at National and he has shown it in all the games that create goal situations. Obviously, winning the betting game and going to the next level, respecting the competitor and facing each other in these events is a great team, but this is a game we need to highlight. Put it in our favor, “he said at the conference.

Assuming he will play the classic game pending against Olympia this weekend, the strategist was asked about the changes his team could propose.

“Now we are focused Marathon. The only thing that exists is them and this match, we are with the chip in Concacaf mode and we are not thinking about anything else. Today we are going to get domain recognition and we are going to update what we have been rehearsing throughout this match. Motagua He participates in everything at the last moment and tries to change the concentration of parties to fulfill the key.

Vasquez was also asked about the rescue Kevin Lopez And other players for this match against Emerald.

“We have recovered some, others are better, some are continuing the rescue mission. We have games in a row, some (players) need to take care of them, others are on leave (they are on leave) due to injury. We are going to look at the players we have for the game.”

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Modagua comes to the meeting Real lost 1-0 to Spain Saturday at the National Stadium. Diego says this is the past and they only think about winning.

“We came in well, this is another match we played in half the game, we have an advantage and a chance to win, obviously we have to dominate it on the court tomorrow, but the mood is good. There’s no time here. The chances are still a long way off. It (failure) is a scar, I’m already thinking about what’s coming. I won the game, “he concluded.

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