How to block your WhatsApp from anyone spying on you


It is very important to keep our information safe on the networks we use, Although each application and site has privacy policies, these are the same Provide tools For extra security. This is the case Share This allows you to block the application Prevent your phone from reading messages without anyone authorizing it.

Next, step by step and detail How to lock your WhatsApp to keep it more secure.

Find out if your cell phone is being spied on and what to do to avoid it

The messages, calls and video calls we make through the processor WhatsApp is encrypted from end to end, Which means only you and the person (s) you communicate with can read and listen to what is shared. Share Many times and in detail on his site.

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, according to its official site, The application implemented its privacy policies Keep them safe.

In a quest to satisfy and take care of the valuable information that people share in this way, he created this security. But nonetheless, What happens if someone picks up your unlocked cell phone and logs into your WhatsApp processor to read your personal messages Or with information that is valuable to you, or someone in your work or where you are collaborating.

This tool is very easy to use


This tool is very easy to use (WhatsApp /)

To do this, through your settings, Allows to implement protection from fingerprints, Prevent chats from being accessed by someone else.

Block WhatsApp with your fingerprint

This tool is very easy to use and only takes a few minutes to save your messages, to do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your app Share.

  • Go to Settings, where you will find the “Account” section.

  • Once the “Account” is logged in, you will see “Privacy”.

  • You can see the option to say, “Enter” privacyBlocking With fingerprint. “

  • Enable option “Blocking With fingerprint. “

  • If necessary, touch the fingerprint sensor to confirm your identity.

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Within this option, you can choose how long you want to go to ask for the application to be authenticated with your fingerprint, the limit ranging from instant to half an hour. Don’t forget to enable fingerprinting on your phone’s settings for WhatsApp functionality.

It is important to pay attention This option is available on Android devices with fingerprint sensors And compatible with Google’s fingerprint for Android version 6.0 or later, the site explained. Similarly, this feature is not available for Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phones.

Even if you enable this functionality to prevent someone from spying on your chats, you can still respond to calls from the app. If you decide to stop enabling this function, you can disable it with the same steps: you can disable it by going to “Settings”, “Account” and “Privacy” Preventing With fingerprint.

Your messages and information in this simple way Sent by App It will be protected by your fingerprint and no one will be able to spy on you.

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