How much does the ‘Titanic’ boy earn by collecting royalties for 25 years?

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Can you imagine appearing in one? Most viewed movies in history And follow Royalty collection after 25 years? That is the ‘dream’ of living Reese Thompson, Who is a 5 year old boy (then) He only appeared in a couple of scenes, But what He still gets paid for his role ‘Titanic’.

‘Titanic’ Is one The highest grossing movies of all time, Because its 3 hours 14 minutes For a long time, it fascinated many generations, because even today when it comes out on TV, it creates a good audience, so no matter what years go by, it continues to make a profit.

Who is the boy from ‘Titanic’ movie?

A recent ‘Business Insider’ interview revealed this Reese Thompson, who He played an Irish boy in the movie ‘Titanic’, Who traveled with his mother and sister on the ship and drowned, has been collecting royalties for the film.

Thomson noted He did not expect to be paid regularly For the film, apparently it did not come within his contract, however For appearing in three scenes and saying only one line, Which takes a good amount.

How much does Reese Thompson earn in royalties for being on the Titanic?

“It’s funny, because it’s not in my mind anymore. It’s like, ‘Oh, when am I going to get a new check from the Titanic?’ $ 100 extra‘. Once or twice I would say, ‘Oh, This is a check for 250. This film is 25 years old, it’s very different, but I hope it will be a success in the long run.

The Checks Getting They are not monthly But still Every two or three months They come from $ 100 to $ 300, Will be slightly higher than that 2 thousand to 6 thousand paise.

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Reese Thompson did not appear in the film ‘Titanic’ for almost an ad

In addition to the interesting story of royalties, Thompson noted that he almost quit his role in the 1997 film ‘Titanic’. At the same time they gave him an advertisement, which he almost accepted, but his mother decided that they would ‘take the risk’ in the James Cameron film.

“It turned out to be one of the highest grossing movies in history, so it’s weird watching this. My mom said, ‘Let’s do it. It’s going to be better. We reject a business But I think it’s the best result, “he said.

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