How many goals did he score? Dani Alves sets up a tournament in prison and the reaction it causes to the other inmates


Daniel Alves A 23-year-old girl has been jailed for almost two months after being accused of sexually assaulting her in a Sutton nightclub. Barcelona.

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Yet the footballer is behind bars at the center, waiting for the process to begin as he has yet to announce his retirement. Brian 2.

According to the portal Spain’s Servimedia and newspaper ASAlves is a promoter of prisoners participating in football matches, to which he has dedicated his entire life.

Media reports also indicated that the Brazilian would have scored Two goals On those “little bombs”: “He has adapted perfectly to life inside the venue and has a lot of symphony with his batch mates.” This has surprised many of the arrestees.

Alves He also signs the inmates who come to him, their relationship is good, and he is increasingly accepting of his new life.

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According to his lawyer, Miraida Bridges, Daniel He is very happy with the treatment he receives from the other inmates, and rumors that he has been “destroyed” by his detention are false.

Another leaked detail is that since the footballer’s arrival, requests for sportswear from other inmates have multiplied.

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