How does it work and why?

Friend mode

Multi-device mode has an auxiliary function Friend mode, This is a tool that allows you to link your WhatsApp account to any other cell phone as many times as you want.

Additionally, since there are some devices with the Android operating system, you won’t close the account of the person who lends you a secondary cell phone. Double EnvoyAn app that lets you mirror apps like WhatsApp.

This new update has been tested on some cell phones since November last yearBecause the company conducted tests with some users to verify the functionality of this new tool.

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However, this option is now available to all users with the latest Beta version update.

How to enable sub mode?

– Step 1: Download Dual Messenger and copy WhatsApp.

– Step 2: Open a copy of WhatsApp, select a language and press “Accept and move on”.

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– Step 3: Select the three dots located in the upper right corner “Connect the device.”

– Step 4: You can scan the QR code and view your messages.

Note that this sub mode option is only available for Android devices, but It is expected to be available for iOS later.

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